BLUEMAX CORPORATION was established in August 2003. The goals of our office are excellence in industrial design, as well as, producing superior quality of molding and plastic injection products. With innovative technology, quality and efficiency controls, great teamwork and customer services, BLUEMAX has excelled in providing great solutions and technology supports for serving the industry.

The success of BLUEMAX is derived from efficient manufacturing process and utilizing all levels of resources and involvement in design and technology, which includes understanding material attributes, production procedures and the nature of industrial needs. This has tremendously reduced or eliminated any mistakes during the design process stage and material selection.

All products and their components have the so-called life cycle. as well BLUEMAX always helps customers to decide on adequate quantities of products based on their needs. In addition, BLUEMAX has an intact control system for making any changing to designs. We react quickly and efficiently to meet any special needs and requirements. BLUEMAX’s single stream management and efficient production methods are the simplest and best way to serve our customers.
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